Vimeo's iOS app gets big update, better discovery

Vimeo today launched version 6.0 of its Vimeo app for iOS, adding a number of features making it easier for viewers to discover new videos, watch them, and even upload new content.

The new app has been optimized for iOS 9, allowing picture-in-picture viewing so users can watch a video while continuing to browse and explore the rest of the app. Vimeo iOS 6.0 adds support for iOS 9's Spotlight Search, so it's possible to easily search for a video in iOS 9, get a result, and immediately be linked back to the Vimeo app. 

In addition to PIP, the redesigned video player now includes video recommendations and an enhanced commenting and sharing capability. Videos still arrive enhanced for each device's best possible resolution. 

The app is easier to navigate, and the video recommendations provide ideas for the best videos in 16 different human-curated categories. Finally, Vimeo worked behind the scenes to update its iOS upload backend system to make it faster and easier to upload videos.