The Abby iPhone Case is functional, but pricey

PERALTA/San Francisco’s Abby iPhone Case is a micro-purse with a scratch-free pocket designed to keep an iPhone safe and accessible. Since it’s designed for women, I asked my wife to “test drive” it. Overall, Laura liked it, though she had reservations. 

The Abby iPhone Case accommodates an iPhone 6s Plus (or smaller phone) along with basic necessities—glasses, keys, wallet, mints and lipstick. It combines fabric from women-owned manufacturer, LUNA Textiles, or naturally-tanned, pebbled leather with a designed interior that includes: an UltraSuede-lined phone pocket to keep screens clean and protected; a side pocket to keep a few small items organized; and a main compartment for slightly bulkier items like glasses or wallets. 

Chrome hardware attaches a removable leather strap to two side hooks, so the Abby can be worn as a micro-purse or stowed strap-free in another bag, keeping essentials together. The case closes with YKK locking zippers, ensuring that women’s necessities stay safely stowed inside, and gold lining lights up the interior making it easy to identify contents.

“The fabric and construction appears sound and is attractive,” says my wife. “It will hold the objects listed, in addition to the phone. It won’t hold much else and will not accommodate a large wallet. The strap is a little too narrow for me. However, if used in conjunction with a backpack, it might be more functional, although I wouldn’t pay $79 for it.”

The Abby iPhone Case is available in a choice of two, water-resistant LUNA fabrics or in naturally-pebbled black or mahogany leather. Prices range from $79 to $89.