March "State of the Site"

Since it’s the beginning of the month, it’s a good time for an update on Apple World Today. Here’s a general idea of what’s happening!


Our traffic took a very small dip last month, but that’s to be expected in a month where 1) there were no major Apple events and 2) we had one or two less days than a “normal” month. All things considered, monthly traffic was flat since January.

Mobile Usage

Our mobile traffic keeps climbing and is almost at 37% of total traffic. That’s something for us to keep in mind during the year if we switch our content management system.

RSS Subscribers

Here’s a place where we seem to be losing readers. I’d venture that most readers want a summary and we provide a full feed; while they want a nice trickle of water from the garden hose, we’re hitting them in the face with a firehose. We’ll look at trimming the RSS feed.

Daily Update Podcast

I really like doing the Daily Update Podcast. Back in September of 2015 we had our best month; oddly, listeners have dropped by about 40% since that peak. It might be time to try a new format.

Patron Podcast

We missed out on recording last week but should be back tomorrow. Our numbers are small but steady.


The number of total supporters is down slightly from January, and the average “give per supporter” has fallen as well. We recognize that everyone has financial ups & downs as well, so it’s not surprising that some will choose to donate less during certain months. If you happen to be flush with money this month, please consider becoming a supporter or if you’re already a supporter, raise your monthly amount.


It’s useful to have a presence on both Facebook and Twitter. Both are small (Facebook - 720 likes, Twitter - 3646 followers), but steadily growing. Help us out and share our posts and tweets, OK?

The Bottom Line

Thanks again, readers, for choosing Apple World Today. Please help out where you can monetarily, and if you can’t support us with dollars, share/like/tweet our posts as much as possible to spread the word.