Forget a plain ol’ briefcase, we need an iBriefcase

Remember the briefcase? Sure you do. Since many folks -- including my buddy, J. Scott Anderson, who came up with the idea for today's op-ed -- do their work with an Mac/iPad/iPhone combination, I've been wondering what type of carrying accessory would be more appropriate than the old briefcase.

So what about a modern briefcase? An iBriefcase, perhaps? Rather than a focus on a legal folder, it would focus on today's electronics. Possible features could include:

  • Solar panels on one side to provide power to internal USB ports for charging iOS devices;
  • Security locks;
  • A built-in Wi-Fi finder with an indicator on the exterior;
  • ° Space for the inevitable folders/paper that you collect throughout the day;
  • Space for a scanner and or printer (mobile versions, of course) that connect via Bluetooth to iOS devices;
  • A configurable interior so that I can tailor it to fit a variety of iOS devices;
  • USB ports internally for device charging. 

Add to that an external port for connecting the entire USB bus to my iMac or wall charger so that I can charge/sync my devices by wire (using my Mac or a wall charger) if needed without having to remove them from the briefcase.

What do you think? Anyone out there developing an iBriefcase?