Adobe Digital Index: iPhones and iPads still dominate their markets, but the Apple TV slips

The Adobe Digital Index team has released the Apple Announcement Report taking a look at the browser and device landscape for Apple and its competitors.

On smartphones website visits from Chrome outpaced Safari by 127% since January 2015. When looking at iOS device browser usage, Safari and Chrome saw an increase in visits year-over-year (34% for Safari, 19% for Chrome). In an Adobe survey, 43% of iPhone users prefer the native Safari browser, though 33% prefer Chrome. 

Smartphone page views have grown by more than 18% since 2012, while tablet page views have slowed to a 4% growth. Smartphones drive 76% of all mobile visits; the iPhone platform drives 46%, and Android 30%. Tablets drive 24%; the iPad drives 18%, and Android tablets 5%). Visits from iPads and OS X desktops are down year-over-year 7% and 5% respectively. Fifty-six percent of mobile device sales are smartphone sales (38% iPhone, 17% Android phones), and 44% are tablets (37% iPad, 6% Android tablets). 

As for TV Everywhere, Apple’s share of authenticated viewing on Apple TV has dropped 8% since August 2015, according to the Adobe Digital Index. Roku gained 4% share in the same period. The report says 4K TV support can be a competitive differentiator. Rook supports 4K; the fourth gen Apple TV doesn’t.

Social sentiment for the Apple brand fell in February, according to Adobe. Across North America, EMEA (Europe, the Middle East, and Africa), and APAC (Asia-Pacific), consumer sentiment has been trending toward disappointment. Of the rumored products to be revealed, iPhone SE drives the most conversations on social.