Fourth gen Apple TV owners can livestream Apple’s special event on Monday

Apple has added a new Apple Events app for the fourth-generation Apple TV. that will let users watch its “Let us loop you in” event, which will be held at 10 a.m. (Pacific) on Monday at the company's campus at Infinite Loop in Cupertino. 

Unlike versions one through three of the set-top box, the Apple Events app doesn’t automatically pop up on the home screen. Users will have to download the app from the tvOS App Store.

Almost certain to be introduced at the event are a 4-inch “iPhone SE," a 9.7-inch iPad Pro (or perhaps it will be the iPad Air 3), and new band options for the Apple Watch. Some pundits are also expecting new MacBook Pros/Airs and the Apple Watch 2. However, my crystal ball says the chances of either of those happening on March 21 are slim to none.