Ring Video Doorbell goes Pro, adding HD video while slimming down

Almost exactly a month after the Apple World Today review of the Ring Video Doorbell, Ring has announced the opening of pre-orders for a new model of the Wi-Fi connected doorbell -- the Ring Video Doorbell Pro ($249). 

How did Ring make an excellent product better? The company took the existing model and cut some inches off of it by getting rid of the internal rechargeable battery. That makes it necessary for the new doorbell to be connected to an existing hardwired doorbell, but it's likely that Ring found out that most customers were tying the device into house wiring anyway. Next, the 720p camera in the device has been upgraded to a 1080p video camera, providing much better clarity to the images of strangers coming up to your door.

One of the best additions, however, is that the app provides a way to create custom-shaped motion zones. The existing doorbell has predefined motion zones that can be turned on or off and have their sensitivity adjusted; with the new device, it's possible to draw and save custom-shaped zones. 

The looks of the Doorbell Pro can also be changed at the owner's whim. Rather than needing to select a faceplate color to use, the new model comes with four interchangeable faceplates. 

Finally, the previous iteration of the device only worked with 2.4GHz Wi-Fi networks. The new device is compatible with both 2.4 and 5 GHz networks, opening the door to many potential buyers who may not have the older 2.4GHz networks in place. 

Pre-orders of the Ring Video Doorbell Pro can be made now for shipment in late April.