Apple News opening its doors to smaller companies, independent bloggers

Smaller media companies, even independent bloggers, can obtain editing tools to publish on Apple News, which provides a clean, consistent look and feel for articles, the Cupertino, California-based company tells Bloomberg. Apple News made its debut in September 2015, with articles from a select group of more than 100 media outlet. Stories are curated based on the topics and outlets selected by the reader. 

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Last fall, Apple CEO Tim Cook said that about 40 million people were reading articles on the service. However, there were several weeks when the company couldn’t provide publishers accurate reader metrics due to a software bug. Apple has fixed the problem and plans to reveal traffic figures publicly by midyear after integrating the app with ComScore, a company that measures web traffic, reports Bloomberg.

In the upcoming iOS 9.3 upgrade, the News app will, according to Apple, add "better personalization" than it currently has. On the iPhone, you'll be able to see everything in landscape orientation instead of being stuck in portrait orientation.