Ads, sponsors, revenues and that patron thing...

Sharp-eyed Apple World Today readers have probably noticed something new on the website -- ads. I'm not talking about the focused ads we've had in the past for apps, services and products; no, these are a lot more general in nature. There's a reason that we're doing this, and it's called survival.

Every month, our Patreon "take" shrinks a little bit. That's actually quite normal; people support the site when they have money and stop supporting when things get tight. We understand completely, but we need to cover that shortfall in revenue somehow. 

In the past, we have used two methods of advertising; selling ads directly through BuySellAds and backfilling those with affiliate program ads from ShareASale. The direct ads have been very spotty, and we have made some money from the affiliate ads (primarily thanks to our readers buying a lot of Pad & Quill products!). Sponsorships are still happening, but once again they are infrequent and unsteady.

The fact remains that we need a way to have a steady source of income, and at this time that still means ads. We tried to avoid ads for as long as possible, and our Patreon goal still stands -- if we can get readers to donate $4,000 monthly, we'll yank the ads. Sadly, that doesn't seem like it's going to happen. To get more patrons, we need more readers since we can't keep asking our existing patrons to throw more money at us. To get more readers, we'll need to get the word out, and that takes money, too.

We'll be changing up the mix over the next month or so to see how this all works out. We don't want to inundate you with ads but on the other hand, it takes money to run this site so we hope you'll understand. It's all about survival.