Macphun Pi Day deal can get you some pies (pizza, that is)

We're big fans of Macphun's photography apps for Mac, and think you should be too! To celebrate Pi Day (3.14), the Macphun folks have a great deal going on. Purchase Macphun's amazing Creative Kit on March 14 or 15 for just $129.99, and you'll get a $5 voucher for a Little Caesars $5 Hot-N-Ready Pizza. That's the kind of Pi we can sink our teeth into! Sadly for our international readers, this Pi Day deal is only available in the US and District of Columbia. 

Macphun will also throw in a free copy of Voilá, billed as "the ultimate screen capture utility" for any order for Creative Kit made during March. If you haven't yet tried Creative Kit, this is the power tool for anyone who takes digital photos. It's made up of FX Photo Studio Pro, Noiseless Pro, Snapheal Pro, Focus Pro, Tonality Pro and Intensify Pro. I personally use the suite every day to do everything from add effects to boring photos, remove grain from low-light shots, eliminate dust spots from photos, convert color photos to stunning grayscale, and even "pump up" the color in images to make them look more vibrant.

In case you're curious about the origins of Pi Day, a physicist named Larry Shaw organized the first celebration in 1988. As you can see from the photo above, Larry wore a really nice pie shirt for a photo commemorating the day while standing next to a table full of pies. Mmmm, pies. We salute you, Larry Shaw.