Grovemade MacBook Dock adds a simple, low-tech touch of class to a Mac set-up

I grew up working in Dad’s lumber business, so I’ve always had an appreciation for fine wood — and products made from good wood. Which is why I love the way the Grovemade MacBook Dock looks as it sits on my desktop.

Crafted from domestic walnut and made in the US of A, it’s designed to minimize the footprint of your laptop and look great doing it. Measuring 8 x 3.25 x 1.5 inches, it works with all current MacBooks, MacBook Airs, and MacBook Pros (I use it with a MacBook). 

As well as adding an element of elegance to your set-up, the Grovemade MacBook Dock helps protect your Apple laptop by cradling it in precision cut resin and soft wool felt, keeping your device scratch-free. The fit is snug (which is a good thing), so you’ll need two hands to remove it.

A solid aluminum base anchors the dock, while natural cork feet keep your desktop (your “real” desktop, not that of OS X) free from scuffs.

Is the Grovemade MacBook Dock for you? At $79, that depends on how much you appreciate its simple design and aesthetics. It’s a low-tech dock. There are no connectors or electronics involved. It’s best used as a way to store your Mac laptop when not in use (which is how I use it). Or you can connect power and cables to use it with an external display and keyboard to use your Mac laptop like a desktop.

Note that since the Grovemade MacBook Dock — hand sanded and finished with vegetable-based oil — is made from natural materials, you can expect a variation in color and wood grain. The dock adds a touch of class to my home office, and could well be a good fit for yours.