Critical Flash Security Update: Another reason to flush Adobe Flash from your Mac

Surprise, surprise! Adobe today released a Flash update to address what the company called critical security issues. According to the company, the update takes care of 23 security flaws and some of those flaws are already being used by hackers to worm their way into your Mac.

The flaws could allow hackers to run malicious code on your Mac or other desktop computer (yes, Windows and Linux run Flash, too). Flash Player and earlier on Mac, Windows and Google Chrome and Flash Player and earlier on Linux are affected. 

Flash has rapidly been losing love on the Web as site developer move to HTML 5 and CSS 3, making it unnecessary to install the Flash Player plug-in. Unless you really need it to play that cheesy Flash solitaire game that you've been playing on your Mac since 1999, uninstall Flash Player. And if you do need Flash, please go to the Adobe Flash Player webpage and download the latest version. For uninstalling, you can go to that same web page to download an uninstaller.