AWT News Update: March 11, 2016

Friday is usually Slow News Day™ in the Apple universe, and today's no exception. 

  • 1Password gets an update
  • Ten One Design comes out with a cool little product that makes your MacBook charger less of a space hog
  • Nintendo announces when its first iOS game will drop

The text edition of this short podcast is available below.

Text Version

Hi, I’m Steve Sande from Apple World Today, and this is a slow news day version of the AWT News Update for March 11, 2016.

A lot of Apple World Today readers use 1Password, the password management utility from developer AgileBits. Today the company updated 1Password for iOS, adding improved support for iOS 9 Spotlight searches so it’s faster to find 1Password items through the operating system’s search engine. You can now also pick a vault at launch, syncing has been improved, and even better VoiceOver support has been included. The update is waiting for you in the App Store now.

I’ve been a huge fan of Ten One Design ever since they first came out with the first Pogo stylus. Then they added such cool products as the Mountie, which lets you mount an iPhone or iPad mini to the side of a Mac screen, and the TimeFrame, which is a nifty little clamp that makes sure your Apple Watch is getting charged even when cats decide to play with it in the middle of the night. Now the company has added a new product that turns the standard MacBook power brick and flips it 90 degrees. The $19.95 Blockhead takes the standard MacBook power adapter that sticks out of the wall outlet about three inches, and makes it sit flat with the wall. It’s a smart idea and we’ll try to see if we can get one for review on Apple World Today soon.

And our final bit of Apple trivia today has to do with Nintendo. Nintendo fans have been wondering for years when the company would finally start making games for iOS, and now the news has dropped that Miitomo will be available in Japan starting on March 17. While the rest of the world is getting drunk on green beer, Nintendo will be soft-launching the game to make sure everything’s fine before opening the doors to the rest of the world. Nintendo is already letting people worldwide pre-register by creating a Nintendo account at So what’s Miitomo? You know those Mii (spelled M-eye-eye) characters that appear on the Nintendo Wii? It uses those characters to “spark one of a kind conversations between you and your friends.” Five more games, hopefully of the Mario and Zelda varieties, will be available by the end of 2017.

We’ll be back Monday with another edition of the AWT News Update.