Caturday: Emma wants you to take a break

Photo courtesy of David van Enckevort. 

Photo courtesy of David van Enckevort. 

We seem to have found a compromise between those who want to see cats on Apple World Today every Saturday (like me) and those who send terse emails to us whenever we revive the Caturday feature. It works out great when we get the occasional email from our cat-loving readers telling us the story of their cats and their affection for Apple products.

Today's beauty is Emma, who is the companion of reader David van Enckevort. Here's his story about her:

"I adopted Emma over one year ago from the animal shelter in Amsterdam. She was brought there because she had been aggressive towards her personnel. Emma doesn't like other cats and she was withering away in the shelter. When I adopted her she wouldn't eat and it took a while to gain her trust and get her to eat again. Nowadays Emma is crazy about food and has to solve all kind of puzzles to get to her food, otherwise she would eat everything at once.

Emma really loves being close to me and will sit on my lap for hours. When I work from home she will force me to take regular breaks to play with her by sitting on my keyboard or on my MacBook Pro.

She is still a bit distrustful of visitors, but she is awarded for good behaviour towards visitors and slowly we are getting there."

If you have a cat who likes to "work" with your Mac, iPad, iPhone or Apple Watch, we'd love to see a photo of him or her. Just send the photo to me directly via the email links in the sidebar and tell us the back story about your cat's Apple adventures, and your cat may be world famous (well, at least Apple World Today famous...).