Sena Journal is a useful case for busy iPad mini users (and it's on sale)

Sena's Journal is designed for those who prefer a more personal style of a daily journal -- and it definitely fills a need for busy users of the iPad mini, including grad school students such as myself. And it’s on sale for $19.95 for a limited time; that’s $70 off the original price.

The integrated two-position stand lets you watch videos or view photos in landscape, as well as set the iPad mini in a typing position while it's in the case. The design combines tablet protection with a paper notebook for notes, etc. The pen/stylus holder within in Jornal is pocketed nicely and is easily accessible.

The Jornal is offered in two-tone pebble textured genuine leather. Its leather sheath, covered elastic strap closure provides a snug fit for the mini. And its rigid protective layer reinforces additional backbone support. The things I really like about the case are:

  • It's relatively lightweight and thin, so is good for taking places.
  • The horizontal stand feature is good for watching Netflix or other videos.
  • I like the vertical elastic strap that holds the front cover closed better than the magnetic ones because the fit is not so close -- and I can leave a cleaning cloth the size of my screen in there to prevent those lines you can get from other cases. Also, I like to be able to clean my screen -- a lot. 
  • Since it's-made of "genuine leather," it's easy to wipe off the greasy marks from my hand lotion, food, etc (again, I like clean ...).

On the downside -- and this isn't so much of a "con" as a personal preference -- I never use the wallet feature on the inside of the flap, and I don't really know anyone who does. However, It doesn't take up that much room, so it isn't really a problem.