MailBar for Mac OS X makes it easy to monitor your mail inboxes

By Frank Petrie

Real estate is key in your workflow. The apps that I use constantly every day I set to Full Screen mode. Other than that, I prefer my desktop to be clear of anything other than files that I am working on at that moment. 

hat's why I am such a huge fan of utilities that can be accessed from the Menu Bar. And that's why MailBar — a $9.99 utility for Mac OS X 10.9 and higher — that lets you manage your inbox from the menubar — caught my eye. Launch Mail and let it reside on your dock. Now you're able to monitor your mail inboxes with a simple glance at your menubar. But that simplicity belies the serious amount of control you have utilizing MailBar.

First, you can set up to four mailboxes for easy access. A square of four circles will appear in your Menu Bar. When there are any new messages in an assigned mailbox, the matching color circle will be solid and there will be an accompanying number of you many messages that you have waiting to be read. If it is empty, so is that corresponding colored circle.

MailBar requests access to your contacts in order to show their picture in the messages list. If you deny access, you can always enable it in OS X preferences later on. MailBar will also request access to your calendar to show a calendar event attached to a message in Message View. Again, if you initially deny permission, you can later decide to grant such in OS X preferences.

Once you receive a message, click on the solid circle linked to that account's InBox. You are then presented with a graphical drop down menu of your mail. ow you have a plethora of tools at your disposal that allow you do as much as you can with your Mail app chewing up all of your screen real estate. You have the ability to:

  • Compose new messages, reply or forward to you inbox;
  • Filter your emails by mailbox and unread status;
  • Search through bunch of you configured emails by all manner of data;
  • Configure and setup smartboxes;
  • Preview any image attachments, download or open attached files with other formats;
  • Integrate all signatures for any accounts, that are configured in your Mail app;
  • Configure shortcuts for faster access;
  • Create flags from seven colors;
  • Connect to message calendar events on MailBar single message view;
  • Easily mark as read or junk full conversations;
  • Assign unique sounds for each mailbox;
  • Take advantage of the full support of retina displays.

In short, you're left wanting for nothing.  MailBar has a 14-day free trial — available here —  that I highly recommend. I don't think that you will be disappointed.