This iPhone case was The Answer to my prayer

Meet my new favorite iPhone case: The Answer 400 from The $29 vertical holster is a model of elegant simplicity.

I needed a new iPhone case because my previous one — which connected via a belt clip — popped off on two occasions, and I almost lost my iPhone 6s Plus. Considering what I paid for the Apple smartphone, I wanted to ensure that this didn’t happen again. 

With The Answer 400, that’s not a problem. The vertical holster slides onto your belt via a secure support loop instead of clipping onto it. Yes, this means it takes a few seconds longer to “holster up,” but the security is worth it. 


The holster case is rugged. It has a low profile, Velcro enclosure, MIL-SPEC Nylong webbing, and outdoor-rated thread. You can also machine wash it (in warm water, then let it drip dry).

The Answer 400 — designed for a standard 1.5-inch belt — is available for a variety of smartphones and comes in black/black and tan/black flavors. also makes The Answer 500, a quick-draw holster without the secure support loop.  But unless you simply must be able to whip out your smartphone at the speed of light, I’d go with The Answer 400 for the extra security.