Eli Lilly and Company buys 15,000 iPads for its workers

Eli Lilly and Co. is participating in a “secretive program” with tech giant Apple to make the iPad more business-friendly and has bought 15,000 tablets for its workers, according to USA Today.

The Indianapolis drugmaker has bought iPads for 15,000 field workers and is upgrading its U.S. workforce to the iPad Pro. In a statement to USA Today, Lilly confirmed it has bought iPads for all sales representatives, district sales managers, account managers and "certain medical liaison roles" who work outside the company's Indianapolis headquarters. 

"Several years ago Lilly made the decision to equip all field-based employees with iPads and eliminate laptop computers for non-management sales employees," Lilly spokesman Mark Taylor said. "The goals were three-fold: enhance interactions with health care providers, improve sales representative productivity and reduce costs."