Elgato introduces Siri-powered home automation with Eve Energy smartplug

Although HomeKit-compatible products are still few and far between, Elgato has been making strides at introducing products for the connected home that work in Apple’s framework and allow control of devices through Siri. Today, Elgato announced Eve Energy (US$49.95), a new controlled plug that not only allows users to control electric appliances with a tap or voice command through Siri, but also tells you exactly how much energy is being used.

Eve Energy uses the free Elgato Eve app to control devices. As noted in my review of the Eve Room and Eve Weather devices last fall, the app is clean, easy to use, and a snap to set up, although I did have some issues with the way that the app handles barometric pressure readings. Elgato’s ecosystem of HomeKit products now includes Elgato Eve Room, Eve Weather, Eve Door & Window (security switches), and Eve Energy.

Like the other Eve devices, Eve Energy works through Bluetooth Smart for appliance control without the need for a hub. Using the common HomeKit “language” of devices, groups, and scenes, it’s possible to tell Siri “Go to bed” to have a number of Eve Energy devices shut down all around a house.

Eve Energy is available on Amazon.com and Elgato.com.