The Guardian: Uninstall the Facebook app to gain iPhone battery life

Facebook strikes again! Last year, the company's iPhone app was widely criticized for draining battery power thanks to using wasteful methods of staying active. According to an informal survey of iPhone users by Samuel Gibbs at The Guardian published today, removing the Facebook app can save up to 15% of iPhone battery life so it's obvious there are still issues with the app.

Gibbs used his own iPhone 6s Plus for a week without the Facebook app, choosing to use the social network's website through Safari instead. He compared his daily average battery life each day at 10:30 PM both without and then with the app installed, and found that deleting Facebook from the iPhone increased his battery power by an average of 15 percent.

At that point, Gibbs recruited other Facebook users with iPhones to perform the same test, and all were able to replicate the results. As Gibbs notes, "using Facebook in Safari was almost as good as the app," so users won't find they're missing out on much. Some features of the app are not available in the mobile website, but if you're in a situation where your iPhone battery life is just not that great, it might be worth deleting the app just to squeeze out some extra life.

Oh, and one other benefit: removing the app opened up about 500MB of storage on Gibbs' iPhone between the 111MB size of the app and the cache it stored on the device.