RESCUECOM: Windows 10 brings more headaches to users

RESCUECOM, which specializes in computer repair, has gathered all the data for the 2016 Computer Repair Report and found that Windows 10 problems are on the rise rather than decreasing. And while the numbers aren’t particularly high, calls for hardware installation or setup difficulty on Macs, mobile devices, and personal computers in general nearly doubled from last quarter to 5.9%.  These include any trouble with screens, batteries, keyboards, and other parts.

While many people might have expected that the high volume of tech support calls for Windows 10 issues to have diminished after the extremely high numbers in the last report, they have instead increased, according to the company that provides computer repair and tech support. However, this problem should lessen as people become acclimated to the operating system update.

RESCUECOM constructs the Computer Repair Report by collecting information on every problem for which customers called us for help at 1-800-RESCUE-PC, and the total number of times we received calls for each particular issue. They then gather this information, categorizing and ranking each specific problem in order from most to least problematic.  The main issues in the 2016 Computer Repair Report are as follows:

  • Windows App and Windows OS Trouble (61.5%);
  • Poor Computer Performance / Slow PC (9.5%);
  • Printer Issues (6.2%);
  • Viruses / Spyware / Malware / Pop-Ups (6.0%);
  • Hardware Trouble (5.7%);
  • Email Issues (4.9%);
  • Internet / Network / Wi-Fi Connection (2.6%);
  • Data Recovery / Movement (1.2%);
  • Mac App Difficulty (1.2%);
  • Failure to Boot / Blue or Blank Screen (0.7%);
  • User-Caused Problems (0.4%);
  • Phone Issues (0.14%);
  • TV Trouble (0.14%).

This information shows a shift from previous reports, particularly given the high placement that issues with viruses and spyware have held every quarter before this report. Currently, the three main concerns are problems with Windows and Windows apps, poor computer performance, and, in a surprising leap, trouble with printers. The decline in calls for help with virus, spyware, and malware infections displays that users are becoming more proactive in utilizing virus removal software, according to RESCUECOM, though increases in sluggish computer performance could be problems with failures to keep software, operating systems, and apps up to date.