Tek Holster lets you ‘pack an iPhone’ in style and comfort

Last week I reviewed the LS West holster case for the iPhone; I’ve also test driven another holster case: the Tek Holster. The former is made of vegan leather; if you're a diehard fan of real leather, you’ll prefer the latter, which is also less expensive.

The Tek Holster is extremely comfortable and can be worn over either shoulder. It stretches as it moves thanks to the $24.99 custom strap. The holster case and strap combined weigh only about 3.75 ounces. The advantage to the case/strap combo is that you don’t have to worry about your Apple smartphone bending in your pocket — or fitting in a pocket if you’re wearing your skinny jeans.

You can mount your iPhone either horizontally or vertically. I found fitting the case for my body size a bit tricky, but there’s a very helpful video on the product website that shows you how to do this.

The Tek Holster is available in a variety of sizes, ranging from a $25.99 small (for smaller iPods, phones, ID, cash and more) to a $39.99 XXX, which will hold an iMac. Just kiddin.’ But it will hold an iPhone 6 Plus wearing an Otter Box case. The company will even custom design a holster case for you.

The downsides to the Tek Holster are the same as those for the LS West Holster. It looks good when I’m wearing a jacket or my outdoor work clothes, but it looks kinda silly when I’m wearing a T-shirt and short pants. Of course, I’m pretty sure this type of case isn’t meant for use with such garb. Also, you should be make sure folks (especially police officers) know that it’s a PHONE holster, not a GUN holster. (However, Tek Holster does make holster cases for firearms and travel documents).