Accessible Apple: So, You Want to See Your Name in Print?

A new year is upon us. As we roll into the second month of 2016, we would like to announce a few changes coming to the Accessible Apple and Think Different Thursday columns this year.

Firstly, we will be accepting submissions for articles that will be featured in the Accessible Apple column. As an accessibility specialist, it is my job to keep up to date with the advances in assistive technologies, but the ever-changing technology landscape makes this difficult to know each bit of technology intimately. While I will continue to write for the column, we feel that opening up submissions will let us bring in new perspectives about accessibility from users of assistive technologies other than those I am familiar with, mainly VoiceOver, Zoom, dictation, and automation. In addition to providing content to the column, I will also oversee the curation of content alongside Editor in Chief Steven Sande.

Secondly, Think Different Thursday will be getting a little more accessible this year. A transcript of the audio column will be posted alongside the audio when the column resumes in the Spring. We hope that this will allow more users to have access to the column, along with providing an easy way to search for Think Different Thursday material.

To submit an article for consideration, please write to and be sure to include your story in Markdown, plain text, or rich text format. Alternatively, you can write your article directly in the body of the email. Articles must adhere to our guest posting guidelines - please send us an email to receive a copy of those guidelines prior to starting your post. Only articles relevant to accessibility will be considered at this time.

The year is young and many Apple events are before us. I'm excited to see how universal access becomes even more a reality over the remainder of the year. Join us here at Apple World Today and make us your source for quality accessibility-related apple news.