Belkin partners with Apple for in-store screen protector installations

Image via Belkin

Image via Belkin

Despite the fact that the super-hard glass used on iPhone screens keeps getting better, the screens are still the most fragile and expensive portion of the device to replace. Most iPhone buyers refuse to purchase screen protectors of any sort because of those past bad memories of mis-installation that resulted in hairs, dust and bubbles under the protector. Starting today, Belkin ScreenCare+ will provide in-store installation of screen protectors at Apple Stores right at purchase time.

ScreenCare+ supports the iPhone 6, 6s, 6 Plus and 6s Plus, and a choice of one of two types of screen protectors can installed by a trained specialist at the store:


  • It's made of 100% flexible glass with a 9H hardness (one level below diamond)
  • Engineered with FluidFlex technology to absorb shock and be shatterproof
  • Reacts just like the "naked" iPhone screen
  • No loss of touchscreen sensitivity due to its thinness
  • Preserves all of the color and clarity of the iPhone screen


  • Improves visibility of the iPhone screen by reducing glare in bright light
  • Anti-scratch coating protects the iPhone screen with 3H hardness
  • The ultra-thin screen protector provides all the sensitivity of the unprotected touchscreen

Apple Store personnel will clean the iPhone, then apply the protection to the screen while you watch:

No pricing was available at press time, but the Invisiglass protectors usually sell for US$34.99.