Abyss: the Wraiths of Eden is swimmingly good fun for OS X, iOS devices

Abyss: the Wraiths of Eden is a fun puzzle-solving/adventure/hidden object game that's available for Mac OS X (which is the version I'm reviewing) and iOS. It's available at the Mac App Store for US$6.99, and for the iPad and iPhone (free, but with in-app purchases) at the Apple App Store. 

Gameplay is simple and intuitive, supplemented by an on-screen tutorial, guide and a "jump map" (in causal and advanced, but not expert, modes) that will tell you when there are things that need to be done in certain areas. Beyond the ease in getting up and running (or swimming in this case), my favorite part of the game is the underwater setting, which is presented in vibrant, lush graphics. Plus, the game "auto-adjusts" to widescreen mode, which is also pretty cool.

Abyss: the Wraiths of Eden follows the story of underwater explorer Robert Marceau who has disappeared under mysterious circumstances. His fiancée descends to the gloomy depths of the ocean to find him. Following the clues Robert left for her, our heroine discovers the lost underwater city of Eden. 

Players have to investigate the sunken city, which is controlled by demons. You explore 40 underway locations and face challenges such as sea monsters. You also search for items across 16 hidden object scenes and must solve 22 puzzles. A nice touch is that, as an alternative to hint button, you can play a Domino mini-game every time you get stuck while searching for hidden objects. 

Abyss: the Wraiths of Eden has three difficulty levels: casual, advanced and expert. This lets you adjust the challenge and enjoy Abyss at your own pace.

The graphics and music set the stage nicely for your underwater adventures, though I found parts of the voiceover to be a bit stilted. 

Overall, Abyss: the Wraiths of Eden is a nice blend of user friendliness and challenging gameplay. The puzzles are difficult enough to give you a challenge without overwhelming you. And you aren’t flooded with repeated hidden object screens.