Holster up, partner, with this LD West iPhone case

iPhones don't always fit well (or at all) in a pocket, especially the big ol’ iPhone 6 Plus, which I use. This means you’ll need either a case that clips onto your belt or a holster case.

Yep, a holster case, similar to one used for packing a side arm. LD West ’s $120 Original LD West Holster is a fine example of this, though it’s not for everyone. I like it when I’m wearing a jacket or my outdoor work clothes, but it looks kinda silly when I’m wearing a T-shirt and short pants.

Available in different hues, the Original LD West Holster offers quick and easy access to your iPhone. I thought I might find the holster case uncomfortable to wear for a long time, but it was surprisingly comfortable. The straps adjust to fit just about anyone. However, I found it a bit tricky to assemble the Original LD West Holster. Thankfully, you can view a helpful instructional video on how to do this here

The Original LD West Holster comes with an iPhone holster and a wallet holster. You can remove the latter if you wish and just use the one for the smartphone. The wallet is pretty handy, as it has surprisingly big pockets and room for six cards. (You can buy it as a standalone product for $59.)

The Original LD West Holster is made of vegan leather, which feels and wears like the real thing. So why not use real leather? The folks at LD West say it bleeds on clothes, acquires stains from moisture, and retains odors from perspiration. Supposedly, vegan leather doesn’t have any of these negative qualities. However, I haven’t used mine long enough to vouch for this.

All original LD West Holsters are universal fit, so one size fits all (the size refers to the phone pouch only). Check out the size chart to see which size is right for you.

That said, there are some caveats. If you have an iPhone 6, you’ll need a medium size Original LD West Holster. If you have an iPhone 6 Plus, order a large Original LD West Holster.  If you plan on using an Otter Box case bigger than the Commuter series or a Mophie case, order a large size for iPhone 6 models. 

The folks at LD West don’t guarantee that the iPhone 6 Plus will fit with any Otter Box type case or any case or cover bigger than a slim case like the Apple iPhone 6 Plus slim leather case, in a Large Size Original LD West Holster. Make sure you know what product you need. LD West doesn’t offer refunds or exchanges if you order the wrong size. If you order the incorrect size, we do not offer refunds or exchanges. 

Contact the company before placing your order if you have the iPhone 6 Plus and want to install an Otter Box type case or any case/cover. The Mophie iPhone 6 Plus battery pack/case (and products like it) won’t fit in the holsters, though LD West is working on an XL size holster case, which will be released later this year.

Although the Original LD West holster and other LD West Holster type products are specifically designed to work with the included LD West wallet, you may use your own wallet at your discretion. Again, LD West isn’t responsible if your wallet doesn’t fit in the provided holster case, as all its Holster type products are specifically designed to function in a certain manner.

So is the Holster case for you? If you don’t mind the stares you’ll get when you’re “packing an iPhone,” if you don’t like belt clip-on cases, or if you just like something new and different, then, yup, you’ll like it. However, if you’ve tried suspenders and didn’t like ‘em, this isn’t the case for you.