Flo "social thermometer" launches on Kickstarter

While Bluetooth thermometers that connect to iPhones or iPads are nothing new, one that doesn't even need to be touched to the skin is completely different. That's Flo -- the brainchild of Eddie Cheung and Henry Ma at Zeraph -- a connected thermometer that has just gone live on Kickstarter.

Rather than trying to force a traditional thermometer into the mouth... or nether region... of a fussy sick child, parents just point Flo near the forehead of the child and press a button. Flo reads temperatures immediately, displays current conditions through an LED, and transmits the temperature to an iPhone app. That app can speak the temperature, handy when hands are full or you don't want to get your iPhone near that sick kid.

Flo can also be used to take the temperature of the surface of things like milk bottles or bathwater, making it doubly useful.

The LED system is quite simple: a white LED indicates that the body temperature is at or below 97.7°F (36.5°C), a green LED indicates normal body temperatures in the range of 97.7 - 99.5°F (36.5 - 37.5°F), and red indicates a fever condition with temperatures greater than 99.5°F (36.5°C). 

Flo remembers the temperature if your phone isn't around and syncs to the iPhone later. Using Bluetooth LE, Flo can link to the Apple Watch as well. The device uses a single CR2032 battery (common with Internet of Things devices) that will last for up to six months of daily use. 

The Flo app not only places fevers -- and the people who have them -- on a timeline for tracking purposes, but also lets you share temperatures through social media or apps as well. That's a great way to contact a grandparent or healthcare professional with temperature data in order to get advice.

Right now, Apple World Today readers can back the project for as little as US$15 and get a Flo in May of 2016. That's a limited Early Bird reward, so if you're interested in this unique connected thermometer, act soon.