This product lets you iSlip off those iPad screen smudges

How many times have you looked down at your iPad or smartphone and found the screen covered in fingerprints, smudges, or dust but had nothing to clean it with? That's a rhetorical question because I know the answer if you're me: a billion times a day.

The iSlip from Cooper-Product is designed to help deal with this. It's a microfiber cleaner that will help you clean your screen without using your shirt sleeve, a napkin, etc. 

To use the iSlip with an Apple Smart Cover, stretch the iSlip and slide it onto the cover (microfiber side on the inside, facing the tablet's screen), down to the third panel. You can then fold back the Smart Cover to reveal the microfiber side, snap off the Smart Cover and use it, with the iSlip attached, to clean the iPad screen.

Pretty cool, right? Yes, it is -- IF you're using a Smart Cover or a similar third party product. However, if you're using an Apple Smart Case (which covers the entire iPad except for the screen) or a similar case the design of the iSlip is impractical. Sure, you could keep it in your pocket or purse to use when needed. In that case, you might as well use a smaller cleaning cloth. You could also stretch it onto and off of the iPad or case when needed, but, again, this defeats the purpose of the iSlip's design. 

The iSlip comes in a variety of colors and styles. It's available for iPad Airs and iPad minis for about $20 (sorry, no iPad Pro version is offered). You can also use the iSlip on smartphones and, heck, even your eyeglasses.