AWT News Update: February 26, 2016

My Apple World Today compadre, Steve Sande, is out of pocket this afternoon, so I’m filling in for him for this AWT News Update. It’s text and images only today, no podcast. Hey, my Southern accent might be too much for some folks to handle (it sometimes confuses Siri)!

Apple's board of directors were unanimously reelected to their positions at the company's annual shareholder meeting today. And shareholder proposals on a variety of issues, including a mandate on diversity, were rejected.

James Comey, the director of the FBI, has conceded that future judges will look to his battle with Apple as a precedent for law enforcement access to locked or encrypted mobile devices. This is the first time the government has conceded that the implications of the case stretch beyond an investigation into the San Bernardino terrorist attacks.

Speaking of Apple’s battle with the feds, at the last Republican debate before the "Super Tuesday" primaries, the remaining candidates for U.S. president said they believe Apple should help the FBI unlock the iPhone used by one of the San Bernardino shooters.

Speaking of Apple’s battle with the feds, part II: the tech industry is rallying behind Apple in its appeal against a court order asking it to help the FBI unlock an iPhone 5c, with Facebook, Google and Microsoft planning submissions in court in support of the iPhone maker.

Now for some good news: Spotify team member Johan Lindstrom has confirmed that Apple is working on a fix for a bug that occasionally triggers a kernel panic on OS X when running the streaming music service's official Mac desktop app. 

Speaking of security, Frederic Jacobs, the man who helped create the secure messaging app Signal, is now on Apple's team. The company has hired him in an intern position to work with its CoreOS security team this summer, showing Apple has no intention of backing away from improving the security of iOS and OS X.