Apple CEO Tim Cook has the second-highest approval rating of tech leaders

Apple CEO Tim Cook has the second-highest approval rating of tech leaders, according to a new Morning Consult poll. In the wake of a swirling conflict over whether the tech giant should help the Federal Bureau of Investigation open an iPhone in a pending criminal case, the publicity seems to be good for Cook.

While Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg is still a relative rock star, with 48% of registered voters viewing him favorably, people also like Cook, according to Morning Consult. About four out of 10 respondents (39%) said they view the Apple leader favorably. Most of the rest (44%) said they hadn’t heard of him or have no opinion. (That’s not unusual for CEOs: 31% of voters said the same thing about Zuckerberg, and for Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella it was 59%.)

The only other tech CEO with similar recognition and favorability is Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, with 38% of respondents saying they like him, notes Morning Consult. (About half haven’t heard of him or have no opinion.)

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