Stanley: A totally unique iPhone/iPad stand from DistilUnion

The homes of tech bloggers are littered with stands. iPad stands. iPod stands. Apple Watch charging stands. MacBook stands. We can't stands it! Well, fortunately at least one design house came out with something that's so unique that we have to point you in the direction of the Kickstarter campaign for it. It's Stanley, from DistilUnion, and it's surpassed its funding goal with one week to go. 

What makes Stanley different? It's flexible, made of steel, leather and felt. The steel gives it strength and rigidity, while the leather and felt provide a soft feel and the flexibility needed to make it super-useful. Here's the Kickstarter video showing off Stanley:

By the way, that purr at the end? That's Pemba, one of the DistilUnion office cats. Anyway, you still have a full week to back the project for as little as $39. Go for it!