Apple is the favorite in smartphones, tablets, laptops in the 2016 Customer Loyalty Engagement Index

Not only does Apple remain in the top 10 list for both consumers and businesses in the Superbrands 2016 survey, Apple is the favorite when it comes to smartphones, tablets, and laptops in the 2016 Customer Loyalty Engagement Index from Brand Keys.

The brand engagement and customer loyalty research consultancy examined 12 tech categories and interviewed 42,792 consumers (18 to 65) from the nine US Census Regions. The survey identifies four behavioral drivers for the category-specific “ideal,” and the emotional and rational values (and their percent-contribution to engagement) that form the components of each driver. 

Drivers – and component values – are category-specific since consumers don’t buy smartphones the same way they buy cosmetics or pizza. Brand Keys’ assessments measure how well brands meet expectations that consumers hold for each driver in their categories.