Apple files Motion to Vacate in iPhone encryption battle with the feds

TechCrunch reports that that Apple has filed a Motion to Vacate in the case of the FBI compelling Apple to assist in unlocking an iPhone used by San Bernardino shooter Rizwan Farook.

A Motion to Vacate is a request to the court to withdraw a previous order or judgment it entered. TechCrunch says that “within hours” Apple had provided the information requested by the government on Dec. 6 and again on Dec. 16. The company reportedly cooperated again on Jan. 22. 

“In order to comply with the Gov’t demands, Apple would need to create a new ‘GovtOS’ and FBI forensics lab on site that has the potential to be used on hundreds of phones now in law enforcements possession in conflict with existing law as well as the First and Fifth Amendment of the United States Constitution,” Apple argues.