China Labor Watch: Apple supplier, Pegatron, overworks employees

Workers at the Shanghai, China operation of Pegatron work more than the maximum 60 hours a week stipulated by Apple because their wages require them to work more to make ends meet, a labor group said in a report by China Labor Watch (CLW), a labor rights watchdog and advocacy organization. Pegatron is an electronics manufacturing company that develops mainly computing, communications and consumer electronics to branded vendors, including Apple.

The employees work more than 10 hours a day for six days a week, and over 83% of these workers clock monthly overtime hours in excess of 80 hours, according to CLW (as note by the IDG News Service). In October last year, the average weekly working hours of over 70% of workers was above the limit set by Apple, the group says.

“The discrepancies in Apple’s claimed working conditions and actual working conditions are important not only because they highlight problems in Apple’s monitoring,” according to the CLW report. “The findings also clarify that despite being the most profitable company in history, Apple does not raise the bar to a commensurate level for workers making its products.”