Update: FFTF now has pro-Apple rallies scheduled in more than 50 cities

Earlier today we told you about Fight For The Future's planned rallies garnering support and providing public education about the Department of Justice and FBI's request to force Apple to basically provide a way to bypass encryption. It started with one iPhone -- that of San Bernardino terrorist Syed Farook -- and now, unsurprisingly, we're hearing that a number of law enforcement agencies are chomping at the bit to have a way to look at pretty much any iPhone. FFTF has announced that rallies are now scheduled for 5:30 PM local time in over 50 cities, including a rally at FBI headquarters in Washington, DC.

Rallies are also planned in Hong Kong, London and Munich. If you can take photos of any of the events, please send us images at info@appleworld.today and also send copies to team@fightforthefuture.org. There's also an information flyer that you can print out and hand to passers-by and media crews. 

Remember to go to ProtestSign.org to display the common sign that is sending out the messages "FBI: Don't Break Our iPhones" and "Secure Phones Save Lives".