Speck’s SeeThru for the MacBook is too brittle for some, but works fine for me

Maybe you’re not a klutz like me. If so you may not need a protective case. However, I have a tendency to bang my Apple gadgets against things, so I equip all of ‘em with some sort of protection to avoid scruffs, scratches, and dings.

For my 12-inch MacBook, I gave Speck’s $49.95 SeeThru case a go. I like it, though I have heard complaints from others who have used the case.

The SeeThru is a form-fitting, glossy hardshell with a two-piece design that’s easy to put on and remove. Its rubberized feet keeps the laptop from sliding and tilting. Special satin color options feature a textured, scratch-resistant matte finish that resists scratches, fingerprints, and smudges.

After three weeks of use, I have no complaints. But I have heard others say that, after a couple of weeks, the SeeThru would crack, especially around the corners. I like it, but you may wish to compare the SeeThru with Moshi’s iGlaze and see which one is likely to work best for you.