Appostasy working on the PenSe case for the Apple Pencil

The Apple Pencil is a great accessory, but can’t be easily attached to the body of the iPad Pro. Plus, its plastic body is easily scratched. The folks at Appostasy are working on a solution: the “PenSe.”

A Kickstarter campaign is under for the Apple Pencil case. Made of anodized aluminum, the case is abrasion resistant and easy to grip, according to the folks Appostasy. At the same time, it’s been designed to preserve the look and feel of the Apple product.

With 14 neodymium magnets, PenSe allows you to attach the pencil to any magnetized surface on your iPad Pro, Apple Smart Cover, or Smart Keyboard. The PenSe also provides a cap and adapter storage solution. Also included: an onboard adapter designed to make charging on the go safer.