Klevr Storage-Top desk for Mac users is a thing of beauty

Klevr Furniture's Storage-Top Desk for Mac is a thing of beauty, with a functional, minimalist design that fits in perfectly in an Apple-centric environment.

I knew Klevr was my kind of company once I began assembling the desk. The printed instructions were clear and made perfect sense — which may be a first in my years of putting things together.

What's more, it took me less than 15 minutes to assemble the entire Storage-Top Desk for Mac. The process was quick because of the clear instructions and the fact that no tools are needed for the job. That's right. All the pieces simply click together.

No, the Storage-Top Desk for Mac is no Lego desk (though, come to think of it, that would be kinda cool), but is a solid, useful desk built specifically for iMacs and MacBooks. Each desk is made to order and conveniently stows away cables, power adaptors, and additional clutter. 

Table-top notches are placed strategically for MacBook and iMac connectors, and movable panels allow easy access to storage. The sleek design offers plenty of work space and provides a storage shelf for printers and accessories.

The desktop — which weighs 80 pounds — has three movable panels, each containing portholes for various devices. The center panel contains a central notch for the iMac's rear plugs (I use my desk with a 27-inch iMac), while the two other panels offer notches that line up with the ports on the sides of MacBooks. Additional front and back notches are available for extra devices and wires, plus they double as finger-grooves when you need to remove panels.

The Storage-Top Desk for Mac has 46" x 30" of usable space and is made ofpre-finished Finnish birch plywood that's laminated for a smooth finish. Every edge is rounded, and every panel is reversible. If the visible side of a panel gets scratched, you can simply flip it over. 

The Finnish birch plywood is coated on both sides with a transparent melamine film that provides a moisture barrier (closed-pore finish) and a smooth hard-wearing working surface. Klevr leaves the edges bare; however, unlike particle board and MDF which will absorb moisture like a sponge, this plywood is very stable and relatively unaffected by moisture in an indoor environment.

You can certainly wipe the edges with an oil-based or acrylic-based finish to protect and seal them from gathering oils and dirt with age, but leaving them bare is fine. Because Klevr products are made with natural wood materials, the wood grain and appearance will vary from panel to panel. And occasionally, a panel may contain some natural discolorations and patches in the surface veneers.

Before you assemble your desk, examine the panel faces to find the most attractive side of each panel (the sides with the wood grain you’d like to see most often and that have the fewest, if any, cosmetic blemishes). When you assemble your item, you will want to orient these panels so that these sides face outwards.

The Storage-Top Desk for Mac in Natural finish costs US$399 and is available today exclusively through the company website. The Quartz Gray finish is $499 and will be available soon. Klevr Furniture is made to order here in the USA and manufacturing time is usually 1-3 business days.