PhotoScissors for OS X offers quick, easy photo cropping, smoothing

Sometimes you need to quickly and easily clean the background of a photograph. PhotoScissors by TeoreX is a good tool for doing this.

PhotoScissors is a photo cleaning app for users who don't need or want to learn secrets of software such as Photoshop. The tool lets you extract objects and remove background from photos without a huge learning curve. All you need to do is to draw some foreground and zones on an image. PhotoScissor's algorithms jump into action, and you'll immediately see the on-screen results.

The utility automatically applies anti-aliasing filters to smooth edges of the cutout. PhotoScissors also processes large images relatively quickly; in fact, there's no limit by image size. Minor glitches left after the automatic processing of the image can be fixed right with strokes of the mouse. PhotoScissors can handle all popular graphic formats such as PNG and JPEG.

I've used the app on lots of pics with successful results. It's not always perfect; however, with a little work you can clean up anything that's missing from a cutout.

A single user license costs $19.99. PhotoScissors requires Mac OS X 10.7 or higher and is available at the product website and