iPad mini, paper seamlessly coexist with the Booqpad mini

By Grover Hastings

If you find yourself constantly juggling an iPad mini and a notebook (the "old-fashioned" paper sort, not a MacBook Pro), you need the $40 Booq mini from Booq. It allows you to conveniently keep your business cards, stylus, pen, cash and other important documents close to your iPad mini, as well as your important hand-written notes. 

The Booqpad mini has a wonderful feel of leather that warms your hands as you touch and user it. The design is great in combining iPad mini protection with a paper notebook for notes, etc. The pen/stylus holder with the case is pocketed nicely and is easily accessible between the Apple tablet and the paper notepad with the Booqpad mini is open. The snap-on closing smartly secures everything contained inside the case.

On the down side, I normally use my iPad mini with the cover lock/unlock On in Settings. (This simply means that anytime the iPad mini cover is closed, the iPad is off.) I could not get this feature to work with the Booqpad mini. The easiest solution is to just change the settings. This is a minor problem.

Another minor, and perhaps more exasperating one, is the odd notebook size (four and one-eight by seven and one-fourth inches). I could not find it in local office supply stores, though it is available through Booqpad on iGoogle.

Each Booqpad mini ships with a blank, 50-sheet notepad made from 30% post-consumer materials and printed with soy ink. Booq’s design features a reversible and symmetrical layout, allowing for easy use by left or right-handed users. 

The Booqpad mini definitely fills a need for busy users of the iPad mini.