AWT News Update: February 19, 2016

Photo of Apple facility in Sunnyvale, CA via KPIX5, CBS SF.

Photo of Apple facility in Sunnyvale, CA via KPIX5, CBS SF.

We missed yesterday's podcast due to a scheduling conflict, but we're back today with a handful of fun news stories from the world of Apple:

  • PayPal's new app is a welcome change from the former version
  • Android and Windows Phone users can now "Trade Up With Installments" to an iPhone
  • Hair Boy wants us to boycott Apple
  • A visit from a TV station has toned down the strict security around an Apple facility in Sunnyvale, CA

The text of this podcast can be found below.

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Hi, I’m Steve Sande from Apple World Today, and this is the AWT News Update for February 20, 2016.

In the mobile payments world, nobody has been around as long as PayPal. The company yesterday released a major update to its mobile app and it looks nothing like the old, complicated, and confusing app. The app launches with a new start screen providing faster access to the most important account information and actions that you take with money. If there are people you send money to or request money from on a regular basis, you can personalize your Send and Request money pages with them. Others can pay you with one click now, and your account info now includes a whopping three years of history. The new app is quite welcome, I just wish it allowed signing in with Touch ID.

One piece of information really stood out in yesterday’s announcement of Apple’s new Trade Up With Installments program — the fact that Apple will now accept both Android and Windows Phones as trade-ins. Of course, a lot depends on the model of the trade in and how well the phone was taken care of by its owner, but it’s expected that customers wanting to move from a Samsung copycat phone to a real iPhone could make anywhere between $100 and $300. The Trade Up With Installments program pays off the difference between purchase price and the trade-in over 24 months, making for some very reasonable payments on the latest iPhones.

The mouth has roared! Presidential candidate and billionaire blowhard Donald Trump has called for a boycott of Apple due to the company’s refusal to unencrypt data stored on an iPhone that was used by the San Bernardino terrorists. What was humorous was that Trump — or his social media flunky — was tweeting out messages about the same time from an iPhone.

One final story today. A few weeks ago Apple World Today told you about the noise that was keeping people living near Sunnyvale, California Apple facilities awake at night. Well, a local news crew went around the site this week and talked to the neighbors; many said they have heard and seen deliveries taking place at 3 AM, noise that wakes their dogs, and security guards following them when they walk their dogs. One person, Joann Porter, said she heard the sound of metal sheets slamming and clanking as well as a humming noise like a loud electric motor. Whether or not this these are the facilities where Apple’s alleged car project is centered, the visit by reporters from KPIX 5 TV has had one result - the security guards have apparently been told to stop following the dog walkers around the neighborhood.

We’ll be back on Monday with another edition of the AWT News Update. Have a great weekend.

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