Your Apple Watch wants you to order a Domino's pizza

Add this to the list of things you can do with an Apple Watch: order a pizza for delivery to your home or office. Domino's Pizza today updated its app with an ordering capability; before today, you could only watch the progress and delivery of your order.

To order from your Watch, you need to first set up a Pizza Profile and save an Easy Order. Then with a tap, it's possible to have that Easy Order -- say, a large pepperoni thin crust with extra sauce and a couple of Cokes -- on its way to you. 

It doesn't appear that you can pay with Apple Pay yet, but since Domino's seems to be doing some pretty innovative apps in order to make it easier for you to get that pizza without having to put in too much effort, perhaps that's the next step. Now we just need to be able to integrate the app with the Ring Video Doorbell and Kwikset Kevo deadlock so we can have the delivery man come in and bring the pizza right to the couch!