Rumor: iPhone 7 to take advantage of single-chip EMI shielding

Production line at Amkor Technology Korea.  Image via ETNews.  

Production line at Amkor Technology Korea. Image via ETNews. 

Rumors about the iPhone 7 abound these days, and the latest via ETNews says that Apple is planning to utilize single-chip electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding to a larger degree in the upcoming smartphone than in previous models. In previous iPhone models, Apple has used shielding for large portions of the circuit board with just a few individual chips having their own shielding. The iPhone 7 will allegedly use more single-chip shielding to reduce interference from and between wireless LAN, Bluetooth, and cellular RF chips. 

Using individual EMI shields in smartphones allows for circuit boards that are even more densely packed than those in use now. That, in turn, allows the smartphones to be even more slender or have larger batteries. For the first-generation Apple Watch introduced last year, Apple used similar EMI shielding on the S1 chip package. The process used covers the surface of chip packaging with ultra-thin metal. 

A representative of the shielding industry was quoted in ETNews as saying that "As clock signals of digital chips have increased and as diverse functions such as 3D-touch and others have recently added, reduction of electromagnetic waves have emerged as major topic of this industry. As other Smartphone businesses might be looking to apply EMI Shield technology to major chips just as Apple did, packaging and other related equipment industries will benefit a lot from this."

Apple apparently has two companies -- StatsChipPac and Amkor -- working on the EMI shielding processes for the iPhone 7.