Olloclip Studio available for sale starting today

At the end of January, Apple World Today featured a hands-on review of the new Olloclip Studio. Providing protection for the iPhone 6/6s/6 Plus/6s Plus family and a system for mounting accessories for videography and photography, the $89.99 Olloclip Studio is a way for amateur and professional photographers to step up their game. Olloclip announced today that the Studio is available for purchase on its website, and released a new video showing how the system can be used to assist in taking topnotch photos.

Olloclip Studio consists of the Studio Case, a two-finger grip for stable handholding of the iPhone while shooting, a pair of 1/4-20 clips for attaching tripods or grips, a pair of cold shoe adapters for microphones or LED lighting, and the Kickstand for propping up the device. The Studio Case works in tandem with Olloclip's accessory lens kits, which are not included with the case. 

Be sure to read our full review before you make the decision to purchase this unique and useful accessory.