CableBox Mini offers a simple, clever solution for managing cable clutter

I'll bet you're like me and suffering from cable clutter. Even though I have a 27-inch iMac with lots of internal storage and decent speakers, I have connections to: external speakers (for even better audio), an external hard drive (for back-up in addition to that on my Time Capsule), and, of course, a surge protector to protect all these gadgets.

The result? A crowded desktop. One simple solution: The BlueLounge CableBox Mini, an US$30 solution that tidies up your desktop and looks good doing it. You just plug your devices into the supplied four-socket surge protector, then stow away the surplus cable lengths, and close the lid. The CableBox has cable outlets on two sides, which makes it convenient for stashing cords, adapters and small USB hubs, while still retaining access to them.

Rubber feet keep it from sliding around on your desktop — or the floor, if you prefer it there. I keep my CableBox Mini behind my iMac where it houses an USB hub and my iPhone charger. However, you can also use it under a desk or near a TV.

The CableBox Mini is available in black, white, blue, green, orange, pink, and yellow and comes with 10 twist ties. I prefer the more subtle colors (black and white). However, if you prefer the more vivid choices, go for it. Whatever the hue, the CableBox Mini offers a simple, clever solution to clearing up your cable clutter.

(There's also a larger version, the CableBox itself, if you need more space.)