Satechi’s Aluminum Monitor Stand is a fine addition to its Metallic line

Recently Satechi added the Aluminum Monitor Stand to its Metallic Line of accessories. If you need a sleek stand for an all-in-one (it works great with my 27-inch iMac), laptop, or monitor, this $39.99 accessory is both functional and good-looking. 

The Aluminum Monitor Stand raises computer monitors or laptops for a more comfortable viewing angle. This helps reduce eye and neck strain by promoting good posture. The stand also improves ventilation for your Mac, as well as opening up some desktop real estate by adding an additional platform to organize a tablet, laptop, charging station, smartphone, office supplies, printers or other device. 

It can support up to 31 pounds. The 27-inch iMac weighs 21 pounds, so the Aluminum Monitor Stand can handle pretty much any Mac or display you throw at it (though you shouldn’t actually throw ‘em, of course). It’s also a fine aesthetic match with all Apple desktops and laptops as it’s available in space grey, gold, or silver flavors. 

Satechi’s Metallic Line also includes a Type-C Hub, Aluminum Wireless Headphones, and an Aluminum Headset Stand, in case you want to start a collection.