Internet (not THE Internet) is an intriguing minimalist web browser based completely on search features

Web browsers, like iPhone cases, are more alike than different — until now. Andrew Kaz, who’s been developing software for the Apple platform for over a decade, has introduced a new web browser dubbed simply “Internet.” He modestly described it as a “reinvention of the Internet browser like none other since its first invention.”

That description may be a little bit over-the-top, but the browser from Kaz’ company, Appothecary, is certainly different from any of its competitors. How? Its interface is totally and completely based on search functions. Kaz says search IS the interface and search results have been merged with tabs — completely merged. 

Open Internet, search, and all the search results web pages are the sidebar. Any pages that you open are the tabs. That’s it. There are no other excess features. Internet is a perfect example of minimalism. Whether or not it’s TOO minimal depends on how you use your browser. If that use is usually for searching, then this may be the perfect online tool for you.

Kay says Internet is the future of the web browser and that “old school” browsers like Safari will follow his product’s example. I’m not ready to abandon Apple’s browser just yet (if for no other reason than I’ve gotten very comfortable using it). However, Internet is certainly intriguing. It’s available at the Mac App Store for just $4.99, so it won’t bust your budget to give it a try.