The iGo is the coolest desktop for an iMac (though it’s not for everyone)

If you want THE desk that's designed specifically for the iMac, you'll have to pick up the iGo from Rain Design. 

Though gorgeous and unique, the iGo is a boutique item that won't appeal to everyone. It's a sexy minimalist desk that gives your iMac (or, if you prefer, a Mac mini with a Thunderbolt Display) "legs." In an office situation it beefs up the "wow" factor substantially. For home users, while the iGo doesn't make an iMac easily portable, it does facilitate moving it from one room to another. 

For instance, I normally do my Apple World Today work in my home office. With the iGo, I can work in the sunroom for a change of scenery and atmosphere. 

The iGo offers some ergonomic benefits, especially the standing model. You can adjust the height of your screen, keyboard and chair to prevent working in the same position for hours at a time. You can also use it to reduce eyestrain by moving to a more comfortable lighting in your room -- or, as I said, that of another room. 

On the other hand, it is indeed a minimalist desk with little room for extras. If you need to be surrounded by stacks of papers, staplers, and other assorted items as you work (or play), the iGo isn't for you. And it's certainly a no-go for multi-display set-ups.

That said, let's look at the features one at a time.

The iGo sports a turntable that lets you easily turn your iMac from side to side, even the big 27-incher. This is handy for showing someone else what's on your screen or turning the desktop to connect peripherals and accessories to the ports on its back.

The iGo has a flexible keyboard panel that can be changed to serve either right or left handed users. The panel also offers adjustable height and depth, which offers more ergonomic benefits.

A cable compartment makes it easy to organize and hide cables. A digital panel hubprovides easy access to an iPhone, external drive or other accessory. The desk also comes with a comfortable iRest wrist rest and a mouse pad.

The iGo comes with two built-in holders in which you can place speakers or your coffee cup. The latest iMacs come with very good speakers, so if you don't need external speakers, you can store a couple of drinks (as long as they're in relatively skinny cups or mugs). However, if you use external speakers, only svelte ones will sit inside the holders. For Harmon Kardon's Wireless SoundSticks fit, though barely.

A halo lamp sits at the bottom of the iGo. Is it useful? Only if you want to work in the dark. Is it cool? Yes. You can use it to showcase your iMac with style.

You should note that the iGo comes unassembled, and I found putting it all together a challenge. Get a friend to help you assemble it if you buy one. 

Pricing ranges at US$299 for the sitting model for 21-inch iMacs to $419 for a standing model for 24-inch/27-inch iMacs. 

Is it worth the money? If you want a high concept desk that oozes style and truly sets your Apple all-in-one apart or if you need to be able to wheel your iMac around, yes. Otherwise, there are less expensive desk options.