AWT News Update: February 11, 2016

Today's Apple news is all over the map:

  • Don't try this, but there's a way to brick just about any 64-bit iOS device by just changing the date
  • According to officials, Sunnyvale, CA residents have complained about noise emanating from the alleged site of Apple's car project
  • Apple's Maps vans are now driving day and night to capture information
  • Vevo updated its Apple TV app for the 4th-generation device, now providing access to over 150,000 HD music videos

Text is below, while the Periscope video that was marred by trolls today is here.

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Hi, I’m Steve Sande from Apple World Today, and this is the AWT News Update for February 11, 2016.

Are you in the mood to brick your iPhone? I do not recommend this, and if you try it and do destroy your iPhone or need repairs, I’m not liable, but for the sake of giving you all the news, here we go. There’s a bug that seems to be related to the Unix epoch start date of January 1, 1970. If you take an iPhone 5s or newer device with a 64-bit professor, go to the Date & Time menu under Settings, disable the “Set Automatically” option, then roll the date back to January 1, 1970, rebooting the device may cause the device to be stuck at the Apple logo. People who have tried this report that the usual methods of restoring an iPhone don’t seem to work, so once again, DON’T TRY THIS. Some people have noted that sometimes the iPhone will come back to life after a few hours with very slow performance, allowing them to at least get into the device and reset the date and time to the current point. Unless you have a 64-bit iOS device that you really feel like bricking, don’t do this.

It’s still unknown if Apple is working on its own car or just getting things in order for CarPlay installations in high-end automobiles, but whatever the case, the company’s automotive testing facility in Sunnyvale, California is making a lot of noise. A nearby resident complained to Sunnyvale officials last year over the concern about noise coming from the Apple facility, saying “DO there have to be motor noises at 11 PM at night like last night? Even with the windows closed I could still hear it.” It’s unknown if the sounds were actually from testing of some sort, or possibly just related to construction on the site. Apple currently occupies seven buildings in a Sunnyvale office complex with almost 300,000 square feet of space, but with a ten-foot high security fence surrounding the buildings for physical security and visual privacy, it’s unknown what’s going on in the complex.

One of the expected features of iOS 10 — which will most likely be announced at the 2016 Worldwide Developers Conference in June — is big improvements in Apple’s mapping capabilities. Apple vans have been seen around the United States for the past year, and now they’re operating literally around the clock. Apple fans have snapped photos of the vans operating late at night near New York City and Boston, and from the gear attached to the vans — including high resolution cameras, LIDAR laser scanning equipment, and high-accuracy GPS receivers — it looks like the company is building up its databases of information for an updated Maps app that would include a feature similar to Google Street View.

Are you a huge fan of music videos? A new version of the Vevo Apple TV app released today provides access to over 150,000 music videos in HD. Vevo CEO Erik Huggers said that the company wants to become the MTV for the digital age, noting that it “continue(s) to invest in what we believe is the premium platform for music videos and related original content.” Of course, the new app requires a fourth-generation Apple TV that can run it. It’s available at no charge in the tvOS App Store.

I’ll be back tomorrow afternoon with another edition of the AWT News Update.

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