X-Doria Revel cases for iPhone 6/6s and Apple Watch



Case manufacturer X-Doria is back with a new series of cases for both the iPhone 6 and 6s ($34.99)  and the Apple Watch ($24.99) The Revel cases offer both protection and style for your devices, and the prices are reasonable, too!


First, let's take a look at the Apple Watch cases. They're designed only for the 42mm Apple Watch; X-Doria does have another series (Defense Edge) that works with the 38mm Watch if that's what you wear. Like many Apple Watch cases, the Revel snaps onto your Watch easily and keeps all available ports and buttons close at hand. It's a slim plastic shell that gives your Apple Watch a fighting chance against scratches when you bang your wrist into a table or wall.

There are four different designs: Floral, Camo, Water Color and Marble. Floral is bright and cheery with lots of flowers, Camo is a grayscale digital camo motif, Water Color features purple to pink and white soft gradients, and Marble looks like... well, marble. 

X-DORIA Revel Case in "Hipster Deer" style!

X-DORIA Revel Case in "Hipster Deer" style!

My personal choice was the Camo, which really looks cool on my 42mm Apple Watch with the Pad & Quill Classic Leather Band. 

Now, the iPhone 6/6s cases. These do not fit the "plus" models of either smartphone, so be forewarned. Each case is designed so that the pattern on it has depth; the surface is still smooth, but the patterns are molded in so that they seem three-dimensional. As you'd probably expect, the cases offer a hard outer shell and a soft inner bumper, providing good protection against drops and bumps.

The Revel cases come in six fun styles. First, there's Blue Marble, which looks like blue, white and pink marbleized paper. Corner accents come in a metallic blue that looks great. The next is the see-through Owl, which features a stylized owl design in silver on a transparent case. The Owl comes with dark gray accents. Third, we have the very similar Palm, which has a silver palm leaf pattern on a clear case and silver accents. Fourth is the Zebra case, once again a clear case with a stylized zebra head on it and black accents. Fifth is the Floral Palm pattern, which would be a nice match to the Floral Revel Watch case. Finally, the last case is the Hipster Deer, a whimsical design featuring a glasses-wearing deer with a colorful quilt-patter sweater. Hipster Deer comes with unique copper-colored accents.


There's not much to say about the Revel Apple Watch cases, other than any case like this is a very good idea for any Watch owner. Sadly, I chose not to wear a case on my Apple Watch for most of the time I've had it, and there are some scratches on it. I think the best recommendation for anyone who wants to keep his or her watch looking pristine for a long time would be to snap on a case like the Revel and also install a transparent screen protector.

The cases are typical for X-Doria, meaning that they offer very good protection. The hard outer shell transmits any shocks to a padded insert so that the forces are somewhat subdued by the time they get to your iPhone. A raised lip protects the screen from face down drops, and pass-through button covers on the volume toggle and on/off switch give an extra level of protection.


The Revel cases for Apple Watch are a bit pricy at $24.99 for a very slim piece of plastic, with other much thicker cases being sold for as low as $9.99 depending on the manufacturer. However, X-Doria has created a good range of designs here that I haven't been able to find anywhere else.

Apple World Today Rating (out of 5 stars): ★★★★

The Revel cases for iPhone 6/6s provide very good protection and a variety of styles that are unique to X-Doria. Pricing is quite similar to what many other manufacturers are charging for an equivalent level of protection and design. 

Apple World Today Rating (out of 5 stars): ★★★★